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Tunnel Snorkel Distributor 5-12

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The TSV 5-12 tunnel snorkel distributor is a concrete placing and distributing system. The TSV unit rides on rails set into the tunnel form work and can turn the telescopic snorkel pipe 360° rectangular to the form work axle. The snorkel system is driven by an own power pack with 7,5 kW. An elevating »platform« at the snorkel allows to reach the feed pipe on the top of the form. The unit is linked to an extendable scissor system (125 mm diam.) which also rides on rails. The tunnel snorkel can supply a length of 15 m without disconnecting the concrete line. The driving length can be increased by additional scissor elements or by extending the single scissor pipes on request.

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


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