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Piston pump (S-valve system)

Stationary concrete pumps with the S-transfer tube are continually setting new world records in vertical and horizontal delivery. For example, in 1994 at Riva del Garda (.pdf, 372 kB) in Italy concrete was pumped vertically over 532 metres! Or a pump height of 606 m at the Burj Khalifa jobsite. Even in these cases both machines and accessories are still not operating at their limits. Even with difficult concrete they can be counted on to perform reliably on continuous duty.

Whereever extremely stiff and highly abrasive mixes are encountered this system is used. Of course it is also available with truck-mounted concrete pumps. In pre cast factories you will find piston pump always when it comes to high strength concrete, steel fibre concrete or when there is a longer distance to cover.

The S-valve is the first choice for concrete pressures above 85 bars. This is especially useful for long pumping distances over stationary pipelines. The Putzmeister S-valve is especially designed for long life and high concrete pressure. This results in long service intervals and increased availability of the machine. To extend the life of the S-valve, the inside wall can be rebuilt by hard face welding.


Thanks to the wedge closing device the reducer elbow opens and swings back quickly and easily, thus facilitating cleaning.

Animation of the S-Valve-System

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