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Putzmeister international

Tokyo Sky Tree

Putzmeister Stationary concrete pump soon to pump from 450 m height
Putzmeister Japan (PMJ) has been involved in the construction project right from the planning phase. PM proposed some concrete placing methods at the head office of the constructor company in Tokyo and PMJ attended the trial pumping on the site.

The constructor decided not to employ high rise pumping from the ground. Since the concrete volume is not large it would not be economical to pump up from the ground. Most of fresh concrete in the pipe line would be wasted. The tower being steel structure, only the elevator shaft and the floors are made from concrete.

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Therefore, a 5 m³ hopper was brought up from the ground to the construction floor.

Once Jumbo trough receives fresh concrete from the hopper, the BSA1005E which is already installed pumps it.


A new BSA1408E which was recently purchased from PMJ will be installed at the observation decks at 350 m and 450 m height. To save lifting time, the pumping distance will be about 50 m.

However, once the concrete is pumped, it is distributed manually.

There will be more information on this breathtaking project when “our” BSA1405E starts pumping from 450 m height on Tokyo Sky Tree in this autumn.


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