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606 m world record pumping height at Burj Dubai - Concrete pump operation is completed

After repeated extension of the use of the last remaining Putzmeister Super High Pressure trailer concrete pump 14000 SHP D over the past months at Burj Dubai, on 9 April 2008 the concrete delivery was completed reaching a new world record height of 606 m.

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Fig. 1545-2 The Burj Dubai in April 2008 – the 159th structural level already concreted in the meantime.

As a result of the predominantly steel construction of the last tower levels and the low concrete quantities used above 586m, the concrete pump was barely working to capacity for more than a few hours per week. Due to the disassembly started in the meantime, the building's guided delivery line is no longer in the way of Burj Dubai's interior fittings.

During the last pump operations, a concrete pressure of 200 bar was measured on the Putzmeister trailer concrete pump with S transfer tube 14000 SHP D with an output of 28 m³/h. Overall, the three Putzmeister high-performance pumps have, during their 32 months of operation, pumped approximately 165,000 m³ of high-strength concrete. This exclusively involves concretes of the property classes C50 for the floors as well as C60 and C80 for the walls of the central core. With a 606 m height difference, the concrete required approximately 40 minutes from the filling of the hopper to its discharge from the delivery line. The concrete volume in the line (nominal diameter 150 up to 550 m height, after this ND 125) amounted to approximately 11 m³ with this installation height. This equates to a weight of over 26 tonnes on the Putzmeister concrete pump after every piston stroke when the S transfer tube is switched.

Fig. 1545-1  The Putzmeister high-performance pump on the ground also provides for a consistent concrete stream at a height of over 600m.
This extreme pump height was possible due to the trusting cooperation between the Samsung-led team, the machine operator Unimix, the local Putzmeister agent German Gulf Enterprises, as well as the Putzmeister parent company in Germany.
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